16/02/18 Exciting times ahead.

Since the last update we have now 'finished' the clubroom and personally I think it looks excellent. The full length test track  has been put up, alongside Bodmin General, St Ann and part of Wadebridge, something that we could not have dreamed of doing in our old premises.

Plans are afoot to build a brand new layout which will be predominantly in '00' but it may also incorporate some '009' as well. This will be in the form of a 'tail chaser' configuration which will contrast nicely with 'St Ann' which is an 'end to 'end' style of layout.
The addition of new members is definitely helping to push this project forward and it is so nice to have a fresh injection of ideas and enthusiasm. However, we are still looking for more new members so if you feel like getting involved with all things railways then please do get in touch.

St Ann, is now being worked on again with a view to get it up to a high exhibitable standard. John (project leader) has identified a number of things that need to be done on the original section and ideas are beings formulated as to the 2 new boards and how to seamlessly link them in.

Wadebridge is progressing rapidly as part of its major rebuild to bring it up to modern standards and in line with the quality of its sister layout Bodmin General. New track has been made and is currently being laid in with a view to getting it wired up and working just after Easter.

I hope you have found this latest update informative, please do come along and see what we do with our Friday nights.

19/11/2017 Clubroom Update

Two months have passed since we moved into our new premises in Wilton, we have been spending this time refurbishing and installing all of the equipment we have to make it a 'proper home'. We have nearly finished this now with the new carpet being fitted last week. We hope to start setting up the layouts in mid December and we can now set up 3 layouts at one time owing to the extra space we have.

This is a really exciting time for the club and we hope that these new premises will be the start of a new prosperous era for the club starting with the construction of new layouts as well as being able to offer different activities to club members which we weren't able to do before. If you are interested in joining is then please to get in contact with us.

12/09/17 STOP PRESS: We have a new clubroom!!

Since the last update to this page a considerable amount of head scratching and research has been going on to find ourselves a new club room following the news that our landlord had asked us to vacant the premises. Considerable amount of frustration followed in recent months but finally we have found ourselves a new larger clubroom in Wilton. We will be moving in this Friday (15.09.17).

This is excellent news for the Society as not only will it allow us to get on with more projects but it is also very close to where we hold our annual exhibition making it much easier for future shows. Parking is also much better for members, something which was also frustrating at our old premises.

As a result of this move, progress on the layouts has ground to a holt but, we have been taking Bodmin General out to a number of shows which has been very well received. Now that the layout is on the final straight before full completion our attention is now starting to turn towards the refurbishment of Wadebridge and the complete rebuild of our 4mm layout St Ann Street which we can now do at the same time due to a larger room.

More news to follow on what is sure to be an exciting time for the club!

Another Year Passes  (upload date January 2017)

A considerable amount of time has passed since I last wrote anything for the website, for which I do apologise. Unfortunately dealing with a number of things away from railways has somewhat gotten in the way. I do hope to resume a more regular feed for this year.

A number of changes have had an impact at the club recently, most notably the change of club night as of New Year which has now changed to Wednesday nights, hopefully this will see an upturn in members being able to attend the club which was always difficult on Fridays hence the trial on a Wednesday.

In terms of layout progress, Bodmin General is still having regular work done to it to try and 'finish' it before moving on to a new 4mm '00' gauge project.  This has had a number of false starts in recent years but is hopefully going to come to fruition this year. We are still very much at the planning stage with many members inputting ideas which will be finalised next month. Please do feel free to come down if you wish to get involved.

Wadebridge, is having some work done to it privately and is due to attend our own exhibition in May, it will still be very much in a 'work in progress' state but is starting to come along nicely. All other layouts are currently in storage.

Our show as already mentioned is fast approaching, it will be held on the 13th & 14th May (a week later than usual) and will probably be last the show we do for a few years so please do be sure to come along if you can.

I wish everyone a very happy 2017 and make sure that you do as much modelling as you can.

New Year Ramblings (29/01/2016)
First off, a belated Happy New Year to everyone. I apologise for the lack of updates recently, hopefully a more regular stream of news will resume.

The last 5 months has flown by, with a lot of work going on in and out of the club. The club room refurbishment is now complete and looks far better. We are now able to offer a more diverse range of activities on a club night, something which the members have definitely enjoyed.

As usual the latter part of the year is generally taken up with a number of exhibitions and this was no different. We have enjoyed trips to the Farnham and District,  REC Woking and Poole shows. Our next show is going to be Fareham Rotarail in April.

Layout progress has been very good recently with major steps forward in the refurbishments of both Bodmin General and Wadebridge. Our club test track has also been subject to heavy modifications which will now allow different configurations to be set up dependent on the size we have available, huge improvement.

Our own Exhibition is quickly approaching and subject to final arrangements is now fully booked. This will be the last year that our show is held on the first weekend of May, from 2017 it will be moving back a week in an attempt to avoid various other show and events that clash with our own event.

Calm after the storm?  (06/09/2015)
It is now a month on from our exhibition and on behalf of the society I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who attended this year’s show. Unfortunately numbers were slightly lower this year than in recent times, but a proportion of this was most likely due to the staging of an elite cycle race on the Sunday. This took out all of our parking and made the roads difficult to travel on. If you were one of those who had difficulties in reaching us on the Sunday I do apologise. Unfortunately the circumstances this year were beyond our control but we are working hard to make sure this clash does not happen in future years.

In previous years the aftermath of our show is a fairly quiet time for the society but not this year! We are still trying to finish off the renovation of our clubroom which is starting to look far better. We have also just had our annual club trip which this year was to the fantastic Severn Valley Railway. Personally I can’t remember enjoying a club trip so much for a few years, this helped by having 6 locos in operation across a 16 mile line where the locos could really stretch their legs. The last run of the day behind 7812 Erlestoke manor was a particular highlight. I can safely say that all of the members enjoyed their day out. We are already looking forward to next year and possibly the addition of a second outing.

There is not much layout progress to report bar to say that the improvements made to Wadebridge between Southampton and our show have definitely helped with the running quality, we now have just over a year to bring the rest of it up to scratch.

Winds of change. (15/04/2015)
With the British weather doing its best to fool us into thinking that summer has come early, I thought now would be a good time to update you with what the society has been doing during the last 5 months. I would like to just apologise for the lack of updates recently, I do hope to keep this page update more regularly from now on.

To the news,
The major news to report on is the total refurbishment of the clubroom which is now drawing to a close. The clubroom is now looking much fresher. It is now an inviting place to enter, something which we could not say before. We have also installed alot of new equipment giving us greater flexibility in the range and number of activities available to take place on any given night.
All of this work co-incides with a ‘shake up’ of the club in which we are trying to embrace new and modern ideas to help keep our existing members and also to attract new ones. It is all in the aim of trying to keep our great hobby alive.

In more railway related news, our layout Wadebridge which has been undergoing a big refit for the past year has been continuing to progress. All of the points our now fitted with point motors for the first time in 13 years, this includes the installation of LEDS for all of the points and different sections. I have just completed building a MERG circuit board for the new turntable motor which I hope to have installed in time for our show. Other progress mainly revolves around the construction of buildings for the layout.

The Fun of Shows
Having just returned from exhibiting ‘Trelill’ and ‘Wickhambreaux Road’ at Taunton Railex, I thought that it would be a good time for more ramblings from the last two months.

The one thing I think that we all love about taking layouts to others shows is that we get to chat to other similarly minded people about all things ‘Railway’ and this weekend was no different. Conversations concerning DCC, new layouts & all manor of topics came up and there is just no better place for it. This helped by the SMRC putting on a fantastic show this year. The downside is that all of our wallets have returned substantially lighter.

Anyway, to the club. We recently held our AGM where a number of issues were discussed. In summary we are in quite a healthy position at present with over 25 members still on the books. However there was a consensus that we could be doing more to attract new members to the society. This is something that we will be discussing more in the coming weeks.

Bodmin Road’s fiddle yard has now been completely relaid and Dave is now starting to rewire it.

Part of Wadebridge is back at the club in view of its next outing to Southampton in January. We are aiming to motorise the level crossing gates that were mentioned in my last update, this week. Otherwise there are a number of buildings that still require construction which we hope to have completed by Christmas.

The new Club layout is progressing slowly. The theme of the layout encompasses a ‘00’ mainline with military exchange sidings and transfer shed that will link to a 009 narrow gauge line. If you would like to learn how to build a layout or just enhance a specific area of layout building then please do come down on a Friday night.

Our next show is Millbrook in November, This will be with ‘Trelill’ so please do come along and say hello.

Time Travels Fast.
It is hard to believe that 3 months have passed since our 50th Anniversary exhibition, before you know it next year’s show will be upon us which will be on the same weekend 9th & 10th May 2015.

So what has been happening in the last 3 months you may ask?
Well, it has been a fairly quiet period, the one exception being our annual club trip, which this year was to the outstanding Bluebell Railway. Those who attended all seemed to have an excellent day. A particular highlight for many was a ride behind the newly overhauled S15 No. 847, especially on the extension to east Grinstead where the locos have to work much harder on a 1 in 55 gradient.

Next year we are going to be combining the Brecon Mountain railway and the Forest of Dean Railway, which will hopefully provide another excellent day out for our members.

Back at the clubroom, it has been a case of small jobs taking place. Bodmin Road is currently having its fiddle yard relaid to allow extra capacity as well as having the back-scenes fitted.
Wadebridge is having a lot of work done at present in the run up to its next outing at the Southampton Model railway exhibition in January 2015, we hope to have working level crossing gates completed by then as well as scenic upgrades to the ‘Padstow’ end of the layout.
The new club layout is slowly making progress with plans being fully drawn out and various members starting to get involved with this project. More news on this in the next update.

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the summer, not long now and it will be winter, a depressing thought I know, but a time where more modelling seems to occur.

50th Anniversary Exhibition
Our 50th Anniversary exhibition is less than two weeks away and although we go into with with great sadness following the recent passing of our treasurer Martin Moss, we our all looking forward to what should be another great exhibition which will be staged in Martin's memory.

We have some high quality layouts in attendance showcasing a variety of scales and periods. This the garden railway will be open on both days (weather permitting) which is a 5 minute walk from the exhibition hall.

More information can be found about the show by visiting the exhibitions page. The society looks forward to seeing all of you there.

Martin Moss

The Society announces with much sadness the death of Martin W. Moss at the age of 73. Martin was the Society treasurer and a much respected senior member. His sense of humour and abilities as a railway modeller will be greatly missed. He was very skilful and innovative, models which he produced over the years were original, embracing many ideas. The Society extends its deepest sympathy to Elizabeth and her family at this time.